November PZYG Update! 
Why the P before ZYG now? In case you haven't heard, we've teamed up with our Presbyterian friends for ZYG (Zion Youth Group) this year. About 8-14 high school youth have been attending PZYG on Sunday nights, including Pr. Kimmy Briggs, a few her youth, and their awesome adult volunteer, Sandy Mikeson!   
A huge thanks to Sandy and Denise Goodwyn for helping with our "Happy All-The-Days" All-Nighter Lock-In last Wednesday-Thursday! Sandy volunteered until 9 pm and Denise and I spent the night with 11 high schoolers! We celebrated every holiday, including Int'l Pizza and Oreo Day, in subsequent order. Fun games and crazy shenanigans took place in between everything. What a night! Be sure to check out pictures of this hilarity on our Facebook page. 
This month, we'll be kicking off the first Sunday of the month, November 6th, with Youth Sunday. Our youth will be assisting with worship. Be sure to bring your spare change for our noisy offering!  After worship, we'll be making Lutheran World Relief kits as a congregation (our previously planned Community Discussion will take place in January now).